June 23, 2009

Dhokla - A Healthy version
The Dhokla I have made for this week entree is quite healthy. It has tonnes of protein content in it. Well, when you search for Dhokla recipes online, you have lots of recipes that include besan flour ,rawa,soybean flour and what not?? But this is a recipe, I found in one of my old cookbooks. I have almost used the same ingredients , but I have changed the seasoning to suit the Upma I have made out of this Dhokla...Yes it is Dhokla Upma.....Hmmm........One who reads this might wonder Why? Well the reason is , Dhokla is not my husband's favourite and hence I made an alteration and gave an uplift to the regular Dhokla. Well I have made this upma today and I hope he likes it, and hope whoever reads this also gives it a try. Chao!! Please do give a try to this recipe and leave your sincere comments!!!

A 1/4 cup measurement of all the below items

toor dhal
moong dhal
black gram or channa dhal
dehusked bengal gram or urad dhal
raw rice
par boiled rice


  1. Soak rice and the dhals together for 2 hrs tops.
  2. Grind to rawa consistency.
  3. Allow to ferment well. Keep thin type of Idli and steam.
  4. Once dhokla cools powder it without big lumps.
  5. Heat oil and add mustard,cumin,green chillies(3),turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt. Now add powdered dhokla pieces and mix.
  6. Garnish with coriander and fresh coconut .


Jonasjoys said...

Very good!I think improvisation is very necessary in the kitchen,and a change is always welcome.This reminds me of the iddli upma,which I have been making for ages,and is loved by all.Keep them coming,creativity is a joy.

Tara said...

I came across your site while traveling abrod last year. I have refered to your recipies many time. THank you for your great recipies and glad to see your writing again!

BDSN said...

Thanks aunty!!!

Thanks Tara for taking your time to comment!!! That feels really great!!!