January 19, 2010


Rice flour - 4 cups
udhi pindi powder or roasted urad flour- 1 1/2 handfuls
chilli powder - 3 tsp
salt - 3 tsp
black pepper + jeera - 1 1/2 tsp + 1 1/2 tsp = 3 tsp(crushed into fine coarse pdr)
hot oil - 1 big ladle

sesame seeds - a big handful
chutney dhal/senipapu - 1 1/2 cups(full/half/powdered)
peanuts - 1 1/2 cups(full/half/powdered)

Mix all the above ingredients. Now this whole mixture makes about 80- 90 nipattus. This whole mixture makes about 1 kilo of nippatu powder. So divide it in half and freeze in a Ziplock bag to use later(This powder can last in freezer for about 6 to 8 months). In order to make this nipattu, take some powder (not all of it)like 2 or 3 handfuls of powder. Mix with water to make into a smooth(not wet or runny) mixture. Make balls and then press them down into thin patties on an oiled wax paper and deep fry in hot oil to a golden brown(not reddish brown ).

(In order to know if your oil is ready, just add the sample dough to the hot oil and if it springs back to the surface, the oil is ready) . Fry all the patties in the same manner. This is a very nutty,crunchy and delicious snack at tea time.

January 09, 2010

Easy Okra Curry

The recipe for Okra Curry given here is the reverse of what we follow in other curries and gravies ie in other curries, we do the seasonings first, then comes the onions and tomatoes and the vegetables, but here we start with the vegetable like okra first and then end with tomatoes. This is a simple variation of the regular curries that goes well with rotis and especially rice mixed with dhal and ghee.

okra - about 16 oz
onion - big handful
tomato- 1 diced
cumin - 1 tsp
curry powder - 1 tsp
chilli powder - 1/2 tsp

Heat oil in a pan.Season with cumin. Add cut okra. Saute well. Add curry powder,chilli powder and salt to taste. Add finely chopped onions. Saute for some time and then add neatly diced tomatoes. Finally garnish with coriander.This curry is good with rotis and dhal rice mixed with ghee.