November 19, 2009

Veg Biryani

Ok ...Readers of my blog....Please don't stop your mind if it thinks Huh.....Another Veg Biryani.... because the same thought would occur in my mind if I came across this title even randomly. Well, let there be hundreds of biryani recipes out there made up of different kinds of vegetables ,but today I want to share my experience of making this delectable biryani. It took about 2 hours to prepare this biryani along with raitha and the end result was simply awesome. I wish all the readers definitely give this biryani a try.

Well this recipe is inspired by my MIL. Whenever I want to make this recipe, Iam always short of atleast one or more items, so I scrub it off my mind and move on to another recipe. But today suprisingly, I had everything the recipe wanted and I was very jubilant about it. Anyway that said , here goes the recipe.

Heat oil + ghee in a pan. Season the oil lightly with spices like cinammon,cardamom,fennel,cloves and star anise. Just one or two of these spices should be suffice to give good fragrance to the oil. Now saute the fragrant oil with sliced onions(half of big).Now stir in the ground paste. For the paste I made a smooth blend of the following ingredients.
coriander - 1/2 bunch
mint -1 bunch
garlic - 10 cloves
ginger- 1 inch
cloves- 12
ctinnamon - 4 small sticks
cardamom - 2
fennel - 2 tspAfter stirring in the paste, fry for few minutes(over frying not necessary) and then add 4 chopped tomatoes and fry for another few min till the tomatoes shrink. Now its time to drop in the veggies.
carrot & peas combo - 2 cups
corn - 1 cup
chopped potatoes - 1/2 cup
cauliflower florets - 1/2 cup
Once you stir in the veggies , add 4 cups of water, 2 cups of rice , 1 -2 tsp chilli paste and add salt. Taste now. Once taste is perfect, transfer the aluminium dish to the electric cooker and cook until done. If you are using a pressure pan, cook for 2 whistles or accordingly.