October 25, 2006

To say another Hello!!

Greetings to all my blog friends!!I would first like to take a moment here and thank each and every one of them who have stopped by my blog,taken a minute, and then posted a message to congratulate me and enquire about my well being.I really appreciate it guys!!

Iam in my third trimester or say my eighth month or say my 33rd week . My second trimester has been good so far and I successfully made a 3 day vacation trip to Myrtle Beach,SC with all my friends in the seventh month.It was a very joyous trip. We mainly went for the beach, soaked in the sun for a long,long time and thorougly enjoyed the time spent.

Well I am so glad to tell everyone that I have been cooking even in my third trimester but not much.Just one item per day and Iam all poof!! I am sure in another few weeks I will return back to my usual self and start blogging with more gusto!!!Till then ChAO!!! to everybody out there!!

Happy Belated Diwali Wishes!!!