October 25, 2006

To say another Hello!!

Greetings to all my blog friends!!I would first like to take a moment here and thank each and every one of them who have stopped by my blog,taken a minute, and then posted a message to congratulate me and enquire about my well being.I really appreciate it guys!!

Iam in my third trimester or say my eighth month or say my 33rd week . My second trimester has been good so far and I successfully made a 3 day vacation trip to Myrtle Beach,SC with all my friends in the seventh month.It was a very joyous trip. We mainly went for the beach, soaked in the sun for a long,long time and thorougly enjoyed the time spent.

Well I am so glad to tell everyone that I have been cooking even in my third trimester but not much.Just one item per day and Iam all poof!! I am sure in another few weeks I will return back to my usual self and start blogging with more gusto!!!Till then ChAO!!! to everybody out there!!

Happy Belated Diwali Wishes!!!


HariPriya said...

let me be the first one to congratulate u for the successful 33rd week...Take care....and be happy always....

Priya said...

Lovely to hear from you, good to know that your are enjoying urself. Have a wonderful time and a belated Deepavali to you and your family :-). Eager to have you back in full form along with your bundle of joy :-)

Lera said...

Bdsn,Happy to note you are blissfully enjoying the impending motherhood...Belated Diwali wishes & cheers!

Linda said...

Happy to hear all's going so well! :)

Vani said...

Congrats BDSN! Good luck with the delivery. Do u know the sex of the baby?

BDSN said...

Haripriya:Thanks a tonne for stopping by again to congratulate me...I feel really nice...thankyou!!
Priya: THanks Priya!! Iam just waiting to take pictures of my food again and blog about them ASAP...will join soooooonnn...
Lera:Happy Diwali to U too!!!
Vani:Iam going to have a boy baby Vani and thanks for asking !!!

Mythreyee said...

Enjoy the motherhood and takecare. Best wishes for a happy and safe labor, delivery and recovery.

Foodie's Hope said...

Good luck and take it easy!!

Luv2cook said...

hey BDSN -

Good luck. You are almost there :). Can't wait to hear more about the birth and can't wait for you to come back and post :).

BDSN said...

Thanks Mythreyee,Foodie's Hope and Luv2Cook..
Thanks for the encouragement guys!!I just cant wait to give birth and start blogging again!!!

Lakshmi said...

take care

Sumitha said...

Hey BDSN glad to know the both of you are doing fine.Lots of love to you!

Vineela said...

take care of yourselves and your cute baby boy also.
Nice to hear from you.

BDSN said...

Lakshmi:Thanks a lot!!
Sumitha:Thanks and my lov to u too!!!
Vineela:I want to post a lot of recipes but just have to be patient !!!Anyway I appreciate u stopping by !!!

Bhargavi said...

Good to hear that everything is going well. Good luck with the delivery.
Take care.

BDSN said...

Thanks Bhargavi!!
I appreciate your wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

Mythreyee said...

hey bdsn, happy wedding anniversary to you and your hubby. I know the date falls around this time, if I am right 25th or 26th. Have fun and enjoy your Pregnency. take care.

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