July 01, 2009

Spinach and BlackBean Gravy

This recipe has been inspired by Nupur of OneHotStove.
It is quite a terrific recipe. Except for the canned tomatoes ,
VERY much tempting Goldie's Channa masala and famous black channa, I have used all of your other ingredients. I may have adjusted the method a bit too. Thanks a tonne!!!! I just can't wait to try other recipes of yours.

Saute the onions and garlic till golden brown.
Blanch the juicy tomatoes (6 roma) in the microwave until skin peels off for about 6 to 7 min. Now blend all these 3 in the mixie to a thick paste after they cool.

In another pot, add the onions saute till golden brown.Now add salt( a tsp),turmeric and a spoon of spicy meat masala powder.
Fry for a min , add spinach and saute until spinach is completely wilted.
Now add the tangy onion tomato gravy to the pan.
Let simmer for few min and finally add half a can of smooth and shiny black beans.
Yummy gravy ready to be served with chappathis or curd rice!! Enjoy!!!

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