August 11, 2009

Mint Chappathi

mint - 20 to 25 leaves
coriander - 10 stems or so
spinach - a handful
cumin seeds - about a tsp
curry pdr - 2 pinches
salt - per taste


Grind the above ingredients into a thin sauce and combine this with atta(1 1/2 cups). Knead into a smooth dough. Apply oil to the kneaded dough and let it rest for 20 to 30 in a closed bowl. Then make chappathis and fry them on a hot stove.


Linda said...

Dear BDSN, so happy to see you back blogging!! Thanks for stopping at my blog to let me know :)

I have been reading your posts from this summer -- loved the cracked wheat upma, which I haven't tried but now I shall. Cherry on pizza is very creative, and the spinach with black bean gravy is another big temptation.

Do keep posting and visiting around -- it's hard to get back to our blogs sometimes, but fun, too :)

All good wishes,

BDSN said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks a lot for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. I will definitely keep in touch...Once again thanks a lot!!!

spice and more said...

That sounds really delicious...hadn't thought of adding a sauce/flavour paste while kneading the dough. Can't wait to try it.

BDSN said...

Spice and more,
If you try this chappathi you can add even a green chilli for a spicy taste..I had to leave it out as I was running out of it

Puspha said...

Sounds so refreshing!!

BDSN said...

Hi Pushpa...
Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for your comment.
Keep dropping by to read more refreshing recipes.