July 19, 2009

Mini Cherry Pizzas

How many of you have heard of Rainier cherries? Not me!! When my son and I had been shopping last week at Sam's ,the store lady was giving out these Rainier cherries to sample. She simply put two fleshy cherries in a tooth pick and handed over to us. The cherries felt soft to the touch. The cherries were mostly red and partly golden yellow. More than me, my son was quite excited to taste them. OK we did taste.They tasted plenty sweet , little bit tart but majorly sweet. So we purchased a 2lb box for $5.88 which is quite cheap when compared to retail , where it costs 5 to 6 dollars a pound. But they are worth every single penny. It's July and it is indeed RAINIER CHERRY season!!!! Common Guys you gotta give this a try!!!


English muffins -3
tomato sauce - 6oz
shredded cheese - a handful for each slice.
cherries- 6( I used rainier cherries)
spring onion -1 (thinly sliced)
salt/pepper - to taste


  1. Slice muffins in half.
  2. Apply about a tablespoon of tomato sauce or pizza sauce onto each slice.
  3. Top with loads of shredded cheese. I used a mixed variety.
  4. Garnish with spring onions and cut cherries. If you like,you can also top with onions and green peppers for a simple taste,but addition of cherries gives a sweet twist to the pizza.
  5. Season with lots of salt and pepper.
  6. Bake in a 350 F oven for 20 min or until done.

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