December 29, 2012

Idli Time

I have been making Idli for 10 years now  and it is suprising that I didn't post this recipe much sooner.  Anyway that being said,I have been thinking to finish this year with a good blog post  and all of a sudden Idli pops  in my mind not because of the fluffy Idli batter sitting in my fridge :) or if it is the easiest thing to make for dinner...Sh!!

Here's how I make the Idli


Idly rice -4 cups
Urad dhal - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds -10
poha or  rice flakes - a handful
salt - 3 tsp

Soak the rice and dal separately in water  overnight. Add the fenugreek and poha to the dal itself. Next day grind the dal to a frothy texture for about 30 min in a  grinder with sufficient water. Transfer to a big stock pot(I use 8.0 Qt/7.6Ltr). Grind the soaked idli rice for about 45 min to a fine paste making sure water is added at intervals until the end as rice has a tendency to become thick if less water is added or too thin if more water is added, so the right amount of water should be added to the rice while grinding. Add salt during the grinding process itself. Once the rice has reached a fine consistency it is time to transfer it  to the vessel with the dal. Use your hand to mix the rice and dal batter. Leave the batter out in the big vessel to ferment until next day if it is summer or 2 days if it is winter. Cold winter temperatures does not help with the fermentation process,  but what I have discovered is using Tupperware containers helps  fermentation greatly during winter.



ruchikacooks said...

Happy New Year!Idlibatteris something god sent, if we have it hand we do not have to worry about dinner/breakfast :) looks nice!

BDSN said...

Thanks . Yeah you are right about that esp during busy weekdays

ruchikacooks said...

BDSN, I made the rice as coarse powder for it to cook well ;) not like khichadi consistency but half upma half pongal kinda thing.

BDSN said...

This is a very interesting and unique combo of upma and pongal.