June 27, 2006

Spinach Milagootal

Spinach Milagootal could be a pretty new name to few. "Milagu" in Tamil means black pepper and "ootal" is nothing but kootu,so in other words it is known as "Spinach Milagu Kootu" or simply combined together to read as "Spinach Milagootal". I dont have to explain kootu but for info sake, kootu is a gravy kind of thing usualy prepared with lentils and combination of any vegetable and cooked to a stew(Mouth watering STEW!!!) like consistency with varied spices and the essential ingredient being coconut.A kootu does not incorporates tomatoes ,onions or tamarind as far as I know and if it does well dont call it a kootu.....!!Anyway this is the simplest and tastiest recipe which could be done probably in 20 - 30 min just like that..NO LYING here..it's true..if you dont beleive me please read the recipe and check it out for yourself guys!! Well how can I forget my sweet and close friend S who gave me this recipe. Thanks a tonne!! for passing this recipe to me Dear!! I hope you will pass more wonderful simple recipes like this for me to cherish!!


Spinach- 340 g/0.75 lb/1/2 of big frozen packet
Toor Dhal- 1/2 cup

Dry Roast together

urad dhal- 1 tsp
cumin- 1 tsp
red chilli-1
black pepper- 1 tsp

coconut- 1 1/2 tblsp- dry roast separately


  1. Roughly chop spinach.
  2. In a pressure pan add 3 cups of water add lil turmeric powder and salt add the chopped spinach,dhal and cook for 3 whistles.
  3. Now add the dry roasted ingredients in a mixie and grind to a smooth paste with water.
  4. Add the ground paste to spinach,dhal mixture and boil till it reaches a stew like consistency and thus a delicious milagootal is ready to gobble up with rice.

Jihva for ingredients I would love to contribute my recipe to Sailu's Jihva For Ingredients(JFI) with Lentils as the main ingredient and Iam very pleased in announcing that I have chosen Toor Dhal as the main ingredient.Hope you all like this dish.If you do, the credit goes to my good friend S.


KrishnaArjuna said...

Wow look at you already getting a head start for the JFI event!
This sounds some what like the spinach dal we usually make. Correct me if I am wrong..

Linda said...


Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables, and this looks and sounds so good! Can't wait to try, thanks!

RP said...

Sounds yummy!
Boy, I have yet to cook something for jihva. Since there are a lot of choices with lentils/dals, I am confused of what to make. Let me put my thinking cap on...

Ashwini said...

Wow thats a lovely recipe to begin the festivities with :-)

BDSN said...

Hey KA:What is similar between the spinach pappu and milagootal is just the spinach and dhal but the rest is different!!!In a milagootal tamarind,tomatoes or onions cannot be used and in the spice paste coconut is a key ingredient.Hope this clarifies!!!

BDSN said...

Linda: Thanks a lot Linda!!!Please do let me know how it turns out?

RP: Yes I totally agree with u..there are a million things you can do with these lentils...!

Ashwini: :-)Well thanks Ashwini!! I love this recipe too!!!

Vineela said...

dal looks yummy and the doll with cute puppy looks beautiful.

Priya said...

Love Spinach milagootal , but havent tried making it. Very nice recipe. I'll try it and give u the feedback soon. Thanx for the recipe BSDN.

BTW i dropped by to let u know I tried ur spicy carrot poriyal today. Its was really good. I usually make it with the simple seasoning - Mustard, urad dal, red chillies and curry leaves and then finally garnish with coconut. That can be really boring :) So this was a very good change,thanx to u.

archana said...

This is the first JFI-Dal post i am reading,a good start indeed, sounds delicious !!!!

sailaja said...

Nice recipe with spinach and tur dal.Great entry, BDSN.

Thanks for participating in the JFI-Dal event.

Kitchenmate said...

looks yummy, milagootal with rice drizzled with ghee, dont you think they make great combo:)

shilpa said...

Nice entry BDSN. That looks delicious.

Linda said...

Hi BDSN, had to let you know I made this last night. Had it with some boiled potato for lunch today. Scrumptious! Thanks for the great recipe. :)

BDSN said...

Vineela:I love the doll too!!Those cute looks tricked me to buy not only one but four.

Priya:Thanks for trying out my carrot curry!!I do it the same way like you do, but got bored, so tried it with differently !!!
Hope you like the spinach milagootal !! Do try and lemme know!!

Archana:Thanks a tonne!!I visited your blog and I admire it a lot!!

Sailaja: Thank you!! for conducting the JFI.Again I love the logo you created for this event!!

BDSN said...

KitchenMate: Of course!!! Karthi!!!What you said is 100% right!!!I would love to have with a helping of appalam too!!!

Thanks Shilpa!!

Hey Linda!!! Iam so happy you tried this!!In a hundred years I would have never thought of having this milagootal with boiled potatoes!!Ur potatoes should be really special!!What's the secret??

Anonymous said...

Oh, ootal is koottu? Thanks for that! "ootal" in Malayalam means feeding.

Linda said...

Thanks, but not really special potatoes... just cubed one small and stirred it into the milagootal in the final stage. Unconventional perhaps, but... oh well, gotta be me! And it tasted great thanks to your excellent recipe!

Krithika said...

keerai milagoottal ? yummy ..I learnt it from my mother in law. Yours looks yummy too.

BDSN said...

Hey LG!!
Ootal in Tamil also means feeding but the combination of milagu and kootu together came to be known as Milagootal..that's all to it

Oh Linda!!I totally misunderstood what u said..I thought you had boiled potatoes as sidedish..now doubt is cleared...Thanku!!

Thanks Krithika!!! All the credit goes to my good friend S who shared this recipe with me!!

Lera said...

bdsn, this dish sounds like a spicy variation of palak dhal.looks great and I am sure tastes great too..

ArSu said...

hey BDSN dropped by to say that i tried ur carrot curry, kathiri podi curry and loved it.BTW,spinach milagootal is in my list to try.

BDSN said...

Thanks Lera!! It is indeed a nice variation to the regular palak dhal.Hope you give a try sometime!

Welcome to my blog Arsu!I feel so happy that u already tried two of my curries!And Iam sure you will love this spinach milagootal too..and I just cant wait to try your rice and dhal patties..It looks yummy!!!

perspective said...

i love this! whenever my Mom in law makes it i gulp it away!

BDSN said...

Perspective:Wow!!!Really!!! I have never done this before but once my friend suggested the recipe I made a coupla times or more and have enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

Suma said...

I made this yesterday and my hubby just finished it with rice and ghee!!! It tasted gr8!!

Anonymous said...

i tried this one today.its simply delicious.my toddler have it nicely.thanks a lot.

BDSN said...

Thanks Suma & Mythili for this recipe. I just owe this credit to my dear friend who willingly shared this recipe with me.

Meenakshi said...

The milagootal spinach is a nutritious ,yet tasty treat for the taste buds. Kootu is indeed one of my father-in-law’s favourites, and since he hails from Kerala, we prepare kootu in pretty much the same way, except that we season the dish in coconut oil, with mustard, urad dal, red chilli, jeera, curry leaves and some roughly powdered whole dhaniya. Also we add two green chillies while boiling the spinach.
I loved the onion and brinjal sambar (Ulli vankai pulusu), and the spicy carrot curry. Your interest in such dishes, would make the cookbook on Andhra cuisine, “Cooking at home with Pedatha”, a must read !
Meenakshi at PRITYA.

BDSN said...

Hi Meenakshi!!
Thanks for droppin by!! I agree with you that anything with spinach is nutritious and when it's made this way it is certainly tasty!!!The book u suggested seems to be a gr8 book..will definitely try to buy and add to my collection!!!

PRITYA said...

Talking of spinach, Pedatha, the inspiration behind "Cooking at home with Pedatha" makes some delicious spinach vegetables and dal - in fact, we have included 2 veggies with spinach - in one she adds powdered roasted gram (the one used in making chutneys) at the end as a thickening and taste-enhancing agent. Her dal palak (palakoora pappu in andhra / hulipalya in kannada) is a family favourite. it is utterly delicious.
The book is available at amazon and innoconcepts.com as well as on our website.
Meenakshi at PRITYA

BDSN said...

Hi Meenakshi..
The way u described the spinach pappu feels that I should give a try to that recipe and purchase the book immediately..Well let me check the price of the book from the websites u have given and see if I can buy soon!!

Darshini Ashok said...

I happened to pass by your web site and tried out the Spinach Milagootal it was SUPER !! i just love it ...everytime i hear the spinach lady selling spinach i run out to buy it... i keep trying it and making it so often ! i'm still not fed up! the pepper flavour is jus amazing. Its so nutrious as well. Thanks alot.

BDSN said...

Hi Darshini..

I am so happy that you liked the spinach milagootal.It is indeed a very nutritious recipe and flavorful recipe bcoz of the black pepper as u said....Anyway thanks again for trying this recipe!!!

Anonymous said...

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Malar Gandhi said...

Hello BDSN,
Its good that you explained 'what is milagootal' I thought 'ootal' means 'making you feed'.....what my mommy did! Its awesome recipe! Can't wait to try!

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