February 24, 2006

Vegetables in Coconut Milk

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Well first off I would like to say that the above picture is not the best photograph I have ever taken but I can assure the taste is 100% real and no joking about it.

This is one of my creations which turned out real good for the very first time.Well there is always more room for growth.May be the next time I can add a few or subtract a few.We had this side dish with bread yesterday and it was a real good combination. And today Iam gonna make chappathis to go with it.And tomorrow may be dosa if there is any left over from today. Sometimes its really hard to come up with a dish for dinner. I have to think real hard to squeeze something out of my brain. I open the fridge and stare at it twice, once when there are veggies and the once when there are no veggies AT ALL.The latter stare is an angry one and the former being a very happy one knowing that there are tonnes of veggies and I can come up with something new.

I somehow like the idea of vegetable and coconut milk together.It gives a total new definition to the otherwise plain and boring raw vegetables.So I thought why not make something interesting, something creative and something healthy and Wallah!!!!! I came up with this simple and unsophisticated dish.


Vegetables- potatoes(2 med),carrots(1 big),beans(12),
cauliflower(7 med florets), butter beans(1/2 cup), peas-1/2 cup
onion - 1 big(finely cut)
tomato - 3 med(blanched and pureed)
coconut milk - 1 tin(any brand from the Indian grocery stores)
seasonings- mustard,cumin,cardamom(1),cinnamon(1/2 inch)
turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
dhania powder - 1/2 tsp
salt & pepper - to taste
oil or ghee- enough for frying


  1. Boil veggies in a separate vessel and keep ready.
  2. In a kadai heat some oil add mustard seeds and once they pop add crushed cumin seeds and let them crackle.Now add cardamom and cinnamon and fry just about a min.
  3. Now add onions and fry till dark brown.
  4. Add turmeric powder and dhania powder and fry again for 2 to 3 min.
  5. Now add the blanched tomatoes and fry nicely till all the oil separates and comes out.
  6. Now add the boiled veggies and give a stir.
  7. Reduce the flame to medium.
  8. Add the coconut milk and mix properly.
  9. Add salt and lots of pepper as there is no heat at all.
  10. Let the veggies and the milk simmer for 15 to 20 min until it forms a thick and bubbly stew.Stir in between so that the milk does not burn.
  11. Finally garnish with coriander leaves.
  12. Serve with dosa/chappathis/puris/bread.

Note: This is a mild version which I ended up with but the next time I may add some g.chillies to enhance the heat and add few cloves of garlic too.

I would like to contribute this recipe to ARF/5 a day Tuesday.


sailu said...

Bdsn,you should submit this recipe for Sweetnicks Antioxidant Rich Foods (ARF) 5 A Day Tuesdays.

BDSN said...

Many thanks for your suggestion.I will surely submit my recipe for Sweetnicks...

Gini said...

That reminds me of the vegetable stew that we used to make with appams..I wish I could have a spoonful!

rokh said...

hello, thanks for dropping by my blog. i might be looking out for the roti recipe, if i do i'll let ya know. love your site too

Shilpa said...

This recipe looks great. I will surely try this sometime.Thanks.

I have added you to my blogroll.

BDSN said...

Gini: I know the stew u r talking about.My mom makes it for set dosa..Well u r welcome home any time to get more than a spoonful..

Rokh:Thanks for stopping and many more thanks before hand for the recipe lookout

Shilpa:Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.Try the recipe and let me know the result

spicehut said...


Came here seeing your comment on my blog.

Sooji appam...first time I heard of this dish...and it looks yummy ! Will definitely try it sometime.


aspiring annapoorna said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog...I followed you here :)
To answer your question...I've never tried using the pink masoor. This was the first time I made the dish...or rather...it "evolved" out of the ingredients I had on hand. The whole brown masoor is good in terms of nutrition...lots of fiber, some protein...you could try the pink masoor and let me know how it turns out...I am sure it reduces the cooking time...and I guess turns out more like regular khichadi in terms of texture.

BDSN said...

Sonali:Well iam sure you will love that recipe..
Aspiring Annapoorna:Hi..Thx for clearing my doubt...Well I will give a try with pink masoor sometime..

Ashwini said...

Nothing with coconut milk in it can be called unsophisticated. Looks yummy

Kitchenmate said...

BDSN: looks like i am late here :(
I always love the rich taste of coconut, one more to add in my "do" list :) Thanks!

spicehut said...


I have included your blog in my faves section. Hope to see more recipes.


BDSN said...

Ashwini:Hey thanks for the interesting comment.For me personally adding coconut milk is ofcourse rich inclusion but not in my sophisticated items list...sorry..

KitchenMate: Hi..thanks for stopping by...Please do try and let me know

Spicehut:Thanks for adding me to your blogroll..Its a happy feeling

tony of bachelor cooking said...

i have added it to the curry mela.. oh, but then you have seen the curry mela haven't you? I left a comment last week, after i asked everyone to leave a comment shamelessly lol

Meenal Mehta said...

hey there ,

came here from Ler'a blog , some great stuff ..

Hope to see you on my blog somtime and exchange notes :)

BDSN said...

Tony:Welcome to my blog..You said you have added it to the curry mela.Are you talking about my recipe or my blog?Ofcourse I have seen the curry mela and I did read your request.I would love to submit my recipe to the next wknd curry mela....Anyways thanks for stopping by

Meenal:Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have visited your site and enjoyed your pictures.Even the simplest recipes shout "Party" to me....Great..Do visit my blog again..

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